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April 2014

Hello fellow club members,

Well, its that time of year again. Last year was a record breaking year for club membership

and it's looking like it's heading that way again. Welcome to all our new members.

l've had a few questions about the third party liabllity insurance you get with your

membership. Here's how lt works. when you become a member of our club your name it sent to the

BCWF and you become a member ot their club, They are the ones who have the 3d party liability

insurance which is caried by HUB lnaurance. when you get your BCWF number, they will send you

the info on your insurance. lf you have any questions when you get this Info there is a number You

can call and they will help you. l'm not an insuanae broker so I can only answer the basic questions.

The number on the wallet card you received wlth this letter is your number for our club only. You use

this number when you sign in at the range or when you need a pistol permit. We try to give you the

same nurhber each year but sometimes it doesn't work out that way. The reason I haven't sent these

cards out earlier ls because I have to wait until after the Annual General Meeting in March so I can

have the executives names and numbers printed on the cards. I hope this answers some of your


We had our AGM on March 19 and all the executives stayed on. This will be Walter's last year

as president. It is the only office that has a 2 year limit. lf your interested in any of the executlve

positions, come out to a few of the meetings. They are not long and boring They can be quite fun

sometimes. We are getting bigger turn outs and its always nice to have new views.

We dldn't have as big of a turn out as we've had In the past for our Big Buck Night. it's always

held the last Sat. in January. That's when you bring in anything you think ls trophy worthy and it's

scored to see if It measures up. We have discussed having anyone bringing in fish or bird weithts also

having a plcrure of yourself with it. We figure the people getting anything with a horn or antler can't

exagterate the size ahd you know how those ftsherman are, and everyone has a phone that can take

pictures (well, almost evcryone). Anyhow, we try to make this night abost the kids (they're the future

executive of the club) and they seem to really enioy themselves. lf you've never been, think about

comlng next yaar.

Another big event for the club is Fun Day. We have areas set up for anyone, adults and kids, to

try diffurent things like bows, pellet guns. skeet shooting, axe throwing etc, We also give out the

trophies that day. There is a mlnimal fee just to cover some of the expenses. Don sends out emails to

remind members of these events so if you don't get an email it could be we don't have your address,

AII the inforihation ls also on our website. email, .

There has been a little trouble with someone shooting the 3D targets. Those targets are fol

the bow Shooters only and they are very expensive to replace. Please refrain from shooting anything

other than what is designed for your weapon.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. Don't forget lf you have any questions please

refer to the names and numbers of the executives on your card and give the appropriate peson a call

or maybe you'll find the answer on the website, Don tries to keep h up to date so it doesn't hurt to

check in every so often. You never know, you might see your picture.

Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.

The executive

Armstrong & Dist.ict Flsh & Game



Newsletter , March 24 2013

A very enjoyable shoot today at Armstrong with John Nissen having the top score. Of course he was aided by having a telescope sight on his rifle. Second place to Jack Stead, who was observed resting his rifle against a tree. Third place to Roly Blades, shooting a flintlock, and in spite of frequent misfires, shot a very good match, and all off hand. The day was brightened by having two new shooters with us. We hope to see them again.

Notice of annual meeting.

Our annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the second planning session for our May Rendezvous. It will be at the Pantry Restaurant, 3908 32nd St, Vernon,

April 7th, starting at 9AM. This is a breakfast meeting. Hope to see you there.

There is a verse before the Chorus of the old song, "It’s A Long Way To Tipperary."

" Paddy wrote a letter to his Irish Molly Oh. Saying if you don’t receive it, write and let me know."

Another joke about the Irish, and here I am doing the same thing by telling you if you don’t get this mail send me your current e-mail address.

The way my mail program works is that if there is one error in the thirty plus names this message goes to, then nothing is sent until I find and delete the abandoned address. So... if you don’t receive this, write and let me know.

Kamloops Gun Show, April 27, 28.

Jack Stead, secretary

(250) 832-2541


April 26, 2012

Hello again fellow members

I hope this finds everyone healthy and enjoying the spring weather.

We've had our AGM in March and the outcome of the voting was everyone on the executive got to keep their jobs. Because the president can only stay in office for 2 years, Trevor will have to step down next March so if you would like his job, it will be open. A motion passed increasing membership prices by $10 so for 2013 fees will be singles $65, Families $75 and Juniors still $10

We are holding a raffle this year as a fund raiser for the club. The prizes are

1- a 10' fiber glass boat with an electric motor

2- a Mitchell fly rod with reel

3- a Floyd Ternier knife.

The tickets will be $10 each and if you would like a few books of tickets to sell, please contact anyone on the executive. The draw will be made next Jan at our Big Buck night.

I guest most of you know by now but for those of you who don't, we are now on the web. Don Williams has made a great website for us and just about anything you want to know about the club is there. Just go to Along the same line, if you haven't been getting emails from us about different functions going on, it could be that we don't have your email address or that we may have it down wrong (some of your writing is pretty hard to read sometimes). If you would like to make sure you get these emails, please contact Don Williams and he'll get you set up.

How to get your memberships? Because I no longer work at the co-op gas bar, the only places to pick up a membership is at Nelson's Glass in Armstrong Mon to Sat or if you feel like going for a walk, you could walk into the caretakers trailer. Joanne has memberships there. You can also get them over the internet but then you won't be getting your key for a few days. If you have any questions please feel free to call any of the executive. Their #s are listed on the back of the membership card that is with this newsletter.

We had our annual clean-up March 15 and we had the biggest turnout ever. We’ve gotten the range looking so nice and we also got the caretakers trailer painted. Thanks to everyone who showed up. It sure shows what many hands can do in a short time.

Our range chairman Harold Norris would like me to give you some rules for the range. The rules for the range, and these have to be followed or we could be shut down are,

No shot guns on rifle range,

No hand throwers on range PERIOD,

No Browning machine guns or metal jackets,

Any target stands have to be approved by the executive of the club.

We don't want to sound too strict but these are the rules we have to follow to stay open. Remember, there is a subdivision just to the north of us.

We have had someone shooting the 3D targets with rifles. The 3D targets are for arrows only. And again, we have people not cleaning up after themselves. Could you please pick up your casings and clay pigeons when you’re done.

In case you haven’t noticed, the gate keys have the year (12) stamped on them. We hope this will help some of you who were getting them confused with all your other keys.

Ryan Pat, one of our members, is starting a pistol league. If you have a pistol and would like to join the fun they will be shooting Thursday evenings starting at 6:30. They are hoping to work towards I.B.P.A. league. If you’re interested bring your pistol and lots of ammo. All skill levels and spectators are welcome. If you would like any more information, show up there Thursday evening.

Our meetings are the third Wed. of every month except July and August at 7:30 p.m. at the club house so if there’s something about the club you would like to address or if you would just like to meet some of your fellow members feel free to show up.

Our annual Fun Day will be held on May 13. It’s a great opportunity for anything from archery to pellet guns. We do trap shooting at different times throughout the day and it’s always great fun for the whole family. The trophies will be given out that day too. Hope to see you there.

Well, that’s about all I can think of for now. Hope to see you at some of the functions and have a great summer.

The Executive

Armstrong & District Fish & Game Association