Armstrong & District Fish & Game Association

Welcome to our Range Regulations Test.

After successful completion a Range Safety Badge and combination to range gate will be issued. .
Welcome to ADFGA

Sign in book is at the side of the Clubhouse – sign in with First name and Membership number.

Membership card/ID must be produced if asked for by another Member.

No smoking anywhere on range property except in designated areas. Consumption of alcohol/drugs is prohibited during and prior to range use.

Guests must be under direct supervision of a Member and be shooting at the same table. Members are responsible to make sure their guests follow range/safety regulations.

Non PAL holders must be under immediate supervision (arms reach) of a PAL holder and be
shooting at the same table. Spectators are to remain behind the safety line.

Shotgun (birdshot/buckshot) is not allowed on either the rifle/pistol ranges. Shotgun slugs are
allowed on the rifle range. No rifles (including rimfire) are allowed on the pistol range. See signs posted at both of the range huts showing calibres allowed.

One person at the firing line must accept the responsibility of being the Range Officer. The
designated RO is responsible for confirming the range is Clear with a visual inspection of the
firearms, range and targets and for changing the Shooting line flag from Green to Red once they declare the range Hot.

Eye and Ear protection must be used when the range is Hot.

Range Flags at Entrance and Shooting Line. Upon entry, Entrance flag is set to Red (range is
Active). When Shooting line flag is Red, range is Hot. Firearms may be handled/moved and
magazines may be loaded, live fire can commence. When Shooting line flag is Green, range is Clear and a Cease Fire has been called. All firearms must be proved safe and set on the shooting tables, mags out and actions open.

NO handling of firearms tabled at firing line including loading of mags when range is deemed Clearand people are down range. People in shooting buildings must remain behind Firing/safety line when others are down range.

Set the Entrance flag to Green when you leave the (empty) building. Muzzles at firing line/benches to be pointed downrange at all times. Do not sweep other shooters with the muzzle when moving firearms.

No cross range shooting, all shooting must be done into far berm, not side berms or into the ground.

Targets must be at a height where the projectile will hit into the far berm, not the side berms or ground.

Paper targets only. No incendiary/reactive targets allowed. Do not staple targets to the uprights. Do not shoot the uprights. Movable target stands must be wood/plastic and the uprights must be wood. Place stands so the projectile goes through the target into the far berm. Make sure the stands do not obstruct other shooters.

Clean up your brass and take down your targets, clean up your mess.

It is up to each and every Member to make sure the range is kept safe and clean. If you see
someone breaking the rules, please inform them of the fact. If they continue to break the rules,report them to the Executive of the Club.