Armstrong & District Fish & Game Association

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Dear Renewing Member,

Thank you for choosing to renew your membership! To ensure a smooth process, please provide your membership number and range safety badge orientation date. Both pieces of information are required to obtain the gate code.

If you have not taken orientation, (Do not enter a date) simply leave the Range Safety Orientation Date line blank on the form.

To lookup your Range Safety Badge Orientation Date and Membership number, and Invoice ID. Please enter your email below and click Search.


Please enter results in membership form below. Thanks

Your membership card comes with receipt of payment along with your order number.

Gate code appears just below signature line on membership card.

If using a cell phone to pay membership please use "View full site" (usually at bottom of page).

Your membership card is on page two of your receipt of payment email.(called Order #nnnn Confirmation). 

If printing from cell phone you may have to set scaling to 90% or take a screen shot of membership card and save to photos. Then print from photos. (To take screen shot on I-phone depress right button and left volume up button at same time or ask Siri to take screen shot. Then save to photos and print)

If printing from lap top, desk top or pad scaling should be correct for default margins. If not use scaling to adjust membership card to one page.

Need help call me(Don) 250-308-6766

Thanks and welcome to adfga